We partner with the world’s major commercial aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, to develop innovative designs and engineering solutions.

Structure Optimization:
Industry leaders, with over a decade of expertise in applying structural optimization to both metallic and composite aircraft structures

Composite Design:
Design of optimum weight structures including wings, stringers & door surrounds requiring a deep understanding of manufacturing constraints

Expertise in the assessment of structures to extreme fault loadings including bird-strike, tyre debris, crashworthiness, ditching & more

Interior Protection:
Using automotive driven technology, assessment of occupant protection due to interior impact (e.g. seats, overhead cabin)

Advanced Model Building:
Using automotive technology (e.g. batch meshing, bespoke model building macros) to automatically create high fidelity models of aircraft structures

Optimization Center:
We have set-up ‘Skill Centers of Excellence at both leading commercial aircraft OEM’s,’ focusing on weight reduction whilst maintaining performance. Our proprietary screening processes ensure efficient structure selection for optimization

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

Topology Optimization Joins the Mile High Club

It’s interesting where examples of innovative applications of optimisation technologies turn up as the significance of light weight design becomes a greater priority for everyone. Learn more >>


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